Please find below some answers to our frequently asked questions. Please read this carefully before sending the conference secretariat an e-mail.

  1. Q: I have a question regarding my bank transfer. I have paid by bank transfer but didn’t received a payment confirmation.
    A: It normally takes a few days before the money arrives at our bank. We send out twice a week payment confirmations. If you haven’t received any payment confirmation within 8 working days then please contact us again and send your relation number, invoice number + payment confirmation of your own bank to us in order to make this process smoothly.
  2. Q: I would like to register for the masterclasses.
    A: If you login again with your username and password you have received by e-mail (always check your spam folder as well) you can register for the masterclasses. When you have logged in please click on the ‘update and pay registration’, click the button ‘next’ a few times until you arrive at the page ‘additional options’. Here you can choose your masterclasses.
    It is not possible anymore to register for the masterclasses
  3. Q: Before the masterclasses were for free and now we have to pay €20,- for each masterclass
    A: Before we had a maximum of 200 delegates per masterclass including diner. However the masterclasses are more popular than we thought and the waitinglist got very long. As a solution for this we have decided that everyone can attend the masterclass including a diner for €20,- each class.
  1. Q: I didn’t receive a username and password
    A: if you have created an account or requested a new password this will be sent to you by e-mail. This can take a few minutes. Always check first your spam folder before contacting the organizing secretariat.
  1. Q: Poster guidelines
    A: For creating the posters, please be informed that there is no template you have to use. Only make sure you don’t exceed the maximum sizes of 97cm x 147cm (width x length) in portrait format. There will be a poster desk in the registration area where you can collect your materials to mount your poster and where you can find what your poster number is where you can mount your poster.